Real estate investment with BUY HOTELS

Investing into commercial property is one of the main ways to increase your capital. BUY HOTELS is a reliable partner in property market in Spain. 

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Investing into commercial property is one of the main ways to increase your capital.  But in order to invest successfully, you need to play well and know the rules.

BUY HOTELS is a reliable partner in property market in Spain.

We are aware of the current market situation and are ready to offer the most profitable business options for investments. From hotels and land  to building and management.

Investors starting business in Spain on their own often face many difficulties. They faced with many nuances and problems that sometimes seem never ending.  But we are ready to help, as we know how to and   used to bypassing obstacles and breaking through walls for our clients good.

Our team consists of the best lawyers and TOP architects, financial consultants and ex government workers.. Therefore, we are likely to achieve the desired result for you.

All our projects are calculated by the financier and we only undertake those projects that bring more than 7% profitability per annum.

For 9 years of experience in the Spanish real estate market, we have implemented more than 40 successful projects.  Now, over 80% of our clients come from recommendations.

We will go into your project very deeply and if it take it on board we  guarantee you are successful outcome.

Hotel business is constantly evolving. Therefore, if you are thinking about expanding, then you should also think about a reliable partner who will help you not only in choosing and evaluating hotel but also who will do a full and deep diligence for you.

Buy Hotels will estimate the cost of hotels on a Spanish market as accurately as possible.  We offer a full range of services to complete the transaction, including financial analytics and legal support.

Our company is ready to dive into your activities and figures, indicate and work through pre-sale information about the selected hotel, accompany negotiations, translations, help in obtaining permits.

We also do construction and project management.

  •  Audit of key maters of a Hotel
  •  Formation of an adequate price for today’s market realities
  •  Total immersion in your business
  •  Individual approach
  •  Ten years of experience
  •  More than 200  offers on the market
  •  37 successfully implemented projects

Invest with BUY HOTELS to feel the result and not worry about the invested capital.

We will glad to see you as one more successful businessman.

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