Another Fantastic opportunity with no risk. Special payment apply. Residential land. This is located in Los Cristianos.

Area was in moratorium for last 30 years with out option to build. We have guaranty that in few month this land will be out from moratorium and ready for construction.

Maximum building in total is 3200m2 and 2 levels. You can build 40-45 apartments of 2 bed. Or 30 town houses. At this land and you also can build 85 studio apartments for touristic
Use. Like an Apart Hotel

The payment  option is puting deposit of 50.000 euros.

On condition that we buy this land only when it’s out of morotorium with permission to build. (We can put 6 and 8 month) so we get more time. After this land out from moratorium price of this land will be at least 1500 euros per m2.