The best offer for highly profitable investments. A unique Hotel rural is situated in the mountainous village on Tenerife on the volcano Teide. Its height above sea level is 1.4 km away. Life here is not fussy, quiet. Hotel guests will be able to fully enjoy the air filled with the smell of Canarian pine trees. Especially useful for people that air having a respiratory disease. The city is surrounded by ancient pine trees with a height of about 45 meters and a diameter of more than 3 meters. Since the city is located at a high altitude, then from the observation deck offers spectacular views of the mountains and the coast, from which you do not want to look away. A large number of tourists come here at any time of the year. Each time of the year is notable in its own way. Quiet and relaxed atmosphere is conducive to spiritual practice and meditation. The hotel is a typical Canarian house: thick walls, canary pine beams, finishing materials from volcanic lava. Freshly renovated, quality furniture, beautiful interior. Everything is made in the traditional Canarian style.

The Hotel rural has 7 rooms. 5 room with double beds and two single rooms. Vegetarian food is available on request. It is possible to conduct morning and evening practices in the open air. Mats and rugs are available. The living room is ideal for creative activities or learning of theoretical material. A spacious patio gives the opportunity to be on the air, in the shade of vineyards. To get such property at personal disposal is a great success and a really profitable investment. Field of activity: tourism. We have all the permits and licenses. Price: 390.000 euro.